Imagine taking a year off from work for an Around-the-World Adventure of a lifetime.

Something you have dreamed about in your life but never had the courage to do.

Hans and I shared a dream of traveling the world and one day we decided to stop talking about it and start planning it. You can follow our year-long journey around the world through our website and get ideas to design your own trip of a lifetime.

View our Interactive World Map and Itinerary of our year-long world travel adventure. The pictures above are just a few samples from the hundreds we took at exotic places around the globe. We have stories to go with some of them, tons of video clips coming soon, and dozens of quality travel blogs by world adventurers just like us (soon-to-be you).

If you can conceive it

and believe it,

you can achieve it!

With just a little help, and some good Internet research from websites (just like this one) you will be ready to put together your dream destinations. And then with some good financial planning, you can be on your way.

Look at the map below and starting thinking ... Where do I want to go?



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