Florianopolis' Lake Region

But it's not just ocean views and beaches, the lake region here is beautiful. We took a brightly colored boat to go to a bar that has no road access.
This is a view from the bar we wanted to hang out at. The walls around of the lake rise quickly and there are a few get-away homes around. Some people live in the city and own a little lake house here even though it's only about half an hour away.
The wind came up which made our boat rock back anf forth. When we got there the bar was closed. Apparently everyone was off to a local wedding. But speakng about wind, that's another thing that one can do here - windsurf!
Most of the Brazilian windsurf champions come from this club. Just like in Rio people leave their windsurf equipment rigged here at the windsurf center on the lake. Launching is from just accross the street or people drive to one of the many beaches for wave sailing. The wind wasn't strong enough for us to merit the expense of renting equipment - once again wrong time of the year.
We found a nice resort overlooking the lake that we considered staying at if we hadn't accepted a generous offer to stay with a local.
At the south of the Island we went to a bar to eat all different kinds of shellfish, something that abounds here. To get there we figured out that we needed to drive on the beach since the roads just stop sometimes. 

Once inside we also noticed that there where millions of little notes left behind by visiters pinned to the walls. Some where almost 70 years old.

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